Business Taxes & Certificate of Use

A Business Tax Receipt (aka Occupational License) is required if you offer the sale of goods or services to the public. A separate Business Tax Receipt shall be obtained for each place of business whether located in a commercial or residential district. Home businesses are allowed in the city provided your residence is used strictly for sending / receiving mail, phone-related activities and/or bookkeeping and/or /administrative type work. Any business that employs people other than residents of the home or attracts customers or vehicular traffic is not permitted. Check with the Business Tax Receipt Division before starting any business in the city. A Certificate of Use is required for commercial locations.

Applying for a Business Tax Receipt (BTR)

A Business Tax Receipt (BTR) is a tax that is levied on each business, occupation, or profession for the privilege of engaging in or managing any business, occupation, or profession within the city limits. A business will actually receive a Business Tax Receipt and not a license after the tax has been paid. You may apply for an Business Tax Receipt online.

Fee Information

The cost of a Business Tax Receipt will vary, depending on the type of business or service provided. There is a non-refundable application fee of $10; this fee is charged at the time of the original application.

Required Information

Business owners will need to provide the applicable information on a pre-printed Business Tax Receipt application:

  • Applicant / Owner Name
  • Business Name
  • Business Mailing Address
  • Business Phone and Emergency Contact Number
  • Type of Business
  • Business Description
  • Social Security Number or Employee Identification Number
  • Fictitious Name Registration or Articles of Incorporation
  • Any State License / Registration Number and Expiration Dates
  • Any Professional Certifications
  • Type of Insurance (if applicable)
  • Retail Business Inventory
  • Hotel / Motel License Number
  • Number of Units (if rental property or hotel/motel)

Apply Online

  1. Effective June 15, 2020, the Cocoa Beach Development Services Department will begin to accept applications for building permits and business tax receipts, as well as land use/rezoning and planning action applications online at the OpenGov Portal. Public Portal  Opens in new window

    Please note that there are many online resources to assist the applicant as they navigate the system. Just look for the “question mark” icon on the page that you are working on. If you continue to have issues submitting your application, you may contact Development Services at 321-868-3298 for assistance.