Year Date Event
1960 August 11 Mr. Saul Feldman representing the Surfside Players requested permission to construct a theater building for their use on City owned property, with a site near the elementary school requested. It was suggested that the Players give the building to the City, and the City would then lease it to the Players. The Commission instructed the City Attorney.
1960 September 15 After Hurricane Donna Building Inspector reported Cocoa Beach came through with no real structural damages to buildings. He also stated licensing examinations for building contractors would be coordinated with the County so that City could license contractors already licensed by County without further examinations. City Commission voted to grant authority for Building Inspector to coordinate with County in this regard
1960 October 6 City Attorney instructed to set up election, acknowledging the petition on Sunset Island residents requesting annexation. At December 15, 1960 Tally of votes of Sunset Island Annexation Referendum of December 13th was read with 11 For and 10 Against, and the one absentee ballot was opened which tied the vote. Election declared a draw.
Resolution annexing Cape Canaveral Hospital Site (approx.49 acres) on State Road right-of-way was adopted
1961 January 19 Motion adopted to authorize a loan up to $29,000 with Cocoa Beach State Bank to pay for paving of Loveridge Streets. Sewer assessment receipts to be applied to repay the loan.
1961 March 16 Ordinance #108 - Taxicab rates within Corporate Limits of City: 35 cents minimum fare 10 cents each quarter mile. Adopted.
1961 August 3  Ordinance #91, amending exhibit A (zoning map)
Changing zoning of Lots 1, 2, and east 42.5ft of Lot 3, Block 27, Cocoa Ocean Beach subdivision from R-1 (single family dwelling district) to R-2 (multiple family dwelling district) read second time; motion adopted.
Motion on second reading to require applicants for City Occupational Licenses as Building Contractors or subcontractor to have competency certificate from Brevard County. Motion was adopted.
1961 August 17 City Manager explain a letter from "Florida Free Highways, Inc." requesting resolution opposing validating proceedings on the Sunshine State Parkway Extension from Fort Pierce to Orlando, due to the fact that federal funds may be lost for that portion for I95 that parallels the toll turnpike. After discussion, a motion to authorize City Manager to draft such a resolution was adopted.
1961 August 24 Resolution authorizing the City  Manager to file an Application for Federal Grant for Sewage Treatment Works to be constructed by the City of Cocoa Beach. Grant request in amount of $107,100 would enable the City to begin some of the needed expansion to the sewer plant and system. Resolution adopted.
1961 August 31 Called a public hearing on extension of sanitary sewer system to Sunset Drive, Surf Drive and Wavecrest Drive and to that portion not previously served or assessed on the east side of Atlantic Ave., Orange Ave., and Ocean Beach Blvd. City Manager Doyle read the Resolution adopted 8/17/61, calling for the public hearing. No written objections were received and there was one present at the public hearing to object.
1961 September 7 Ordinance 4-61 levying taxes for the year 1961 on real and personal property at assessed valuation of $31,215,999 less exemptions, at eight mills, was passed on first reading.
1962 January 18 Ordinance #115 establishing Lands Within the City of Cocoa Beach as a Bird Sanctuary and Prohibiting the Intentional Killing or Injuring of any Bird within the corporate limits of the City was read on second reading. Adopted.
1963 August 15 Commissioner Irvin moved Mark Mahannah be appointed architect for construction of the golf course and recreational complex at a fee not to exceed $19,200 and the Mayor and City Clerk be authorized to execute contract. Passed by all present.
1963 September 19 Mr. Charles Long appointed the first full-time Fire Chief of the City of Cocoa Beach.
1965 October 7 Doub Bek, representing Cocoa Beach High School submitted a request that Cocoa Avenue, on which the high school is located, be changed to Minutemen Blvd. City Attorney directed to prepare a resolution to that effect, also Mayor Murkshe advised other street name changes were in the offering and that it might be well to incorporate them all at the same time.
1965 November 4 The City will sponsor a purchase award for the upcoming Cocoa Beach Art Festival at a cost of $200, as one way of encouraging participation in the Festival.
1968 November 21 Resolution 68-22 naming public road in front of golf club house and swimming pool Tom Warriner Blvd. Adopted.