Water Safety

As a beach goer, there are things you will want to know about the beach. The beach and the ocean can always be enjoyed provided proper respect is paid and a certain degree of care is maintained. When you consider that a 2-foot ocean wave can knock a 200 pound adult off his feet, you begin to get an idea of the power of the ocean.


Lifeguards are on duty at these locations every weekend beginning on Easter weekend until Labor Day weekend. There are 4 Lifeguard Stations in Cocoa Beach that operate year-round: Shepard Park, Lori Wilson Park, Minutemen Causeway, and Cocoa Beach Pier.

  • Shepard Park - State Road 520 beach end
  • Fischer Park - 1 mile south of State Road 520 and A1A intersection
  • Lori Wilson Park - 1.75 miles south of State Road 520 and A1A intersection

The ocean can still be enjoyed with the following cautions:

  • Always swim where other people are swimming - never swim alone!
  • If you are not a strong swimmer, do not swim when the waves are large or the conditions appear rough.
  • Be aware of ocean currents and rip tides - if you are caught in a rip tide, swim parallel to the beach (go with the current) - do not try to swim against the current! The current generally flows parallel with the beach.
  • If you need help, face the shore and wave your arms - usually someone is nearby with a surfboard.

Please visit the National Weather Service website for information on Rip Current Warnings.