Garage Sales

For your convenience, the Development Services Department provides you with an online application process for your Garage Sale Permit.

  • Apply Online Now - We request that you apply for your Permit at least 1 week prior to holding your sale.

If you have any questions or concerns about Garage Sales feel free to contact us via email.

Garage Sales Citizen Information

  • No more than 2 garage sales per any 12-month period per address. 
  • No signs may be placed on trees or utility poles. 
  • Garage sales shall not include articles of property purchased for the purpose of resale. 

Per Land Development Code Section: 2-70.B

Household Sales Signs

Temporary signs advertising a garage or household sale (Land Development Code Section: 5-10):

  • One (1) on-premises sign per street frontage is allowed.
  • Two (2) off-premises signs are allowed within a public street right-of-way at intersections. 
    • A maximum of two (2) signs advertising two (2) separate sales per intersection are allowed. 
    • Signs maintained at intersections shall not interfere with vehicular sight visibility.
    •  Installation of more than two (2) signs per intersection or any sign(s) which interfere with visibility shall be removed from the intersection in accordance with section 5-30.B.
  • Household sale signs may be six (6) square feet or less in size.
  • Signs on private property must be at least two (2) feet from the edge of street pavement and ten (10) feet from adjacent property lines.
  • Signs shall be removed within twenty-four (24) hours of the end of the temporary sale.
  • Must be located or installed in such a manner that would not cause damage to any underground utility.

Removal of Signs

  • Signs shall be removed within twenty-four (24) hours of the end of the temporary sale.
  • Any unauthorized sign on city property or right-of-way may be removed by the city without notice to the owner.