Customer Responsibilities & the City's Rights

Customer Responsibility

Home Owner / Change of Ownership

Where reuse is in use or available on the premises, notification of any change of ownership or control of the property shall be given to the city utilities billing department, building department, and to the water reclamation facility or designee(s) as to the change. Failure to do so will result in discontinuance of service.

In-Ground Irrigation & Prohibited Attachments

All irrigation systems shall be permanently installed and consist of low trajectory water droplet spray heads or underground irrigation of in-ground irrigation design. Hose connections and faucets are prohibited on the reclaimed water system.

Owners Reuse Control

A hand control valve must be installed and accessible on the users side of the city curb stop service line, and adjacent thereto.

Unauthorized Work Prohibited

No person, unless expressly authorized by the director of utilities or designee, shall tamper with, work on, or in any way alter or damage any city reclaimed water facility. Tampering or work shall include, but is not limited to, opening or closing of city valves, or causing of any water to flow from the system. No unauthorized person shall cut into or make any connection with the system. The offending person(s) or property owner(s) shall be liable for the cost of all charges attributable to the correcting of such tampering, including legal expenses, but payments of or correcting of such damage shall not relieve the offending person from civil penalties the city or a court may impose for a violation of city ordinance.

Maintenance Required

The owner or controller of the property must properly maintain the reclaimed water system and backflow prevention devices upon the premises. This specifically includes adjustment of heads to avoid excessive overspray onto streets, public sidewalks, canals, swimming pools, hot tubs or wading pools. Also included is maintenance of pipes and valves so as not to cause damage to city streets or utilities. Failure to keep the system in repairs shall result in discontinuance of service.

City's Rights

The city has the right to ensure that procedures for hook-up and use of the Reclaimed Water System are observed. The city reserves the right and privilege of inspecting, removing, and/or securing any or all devices installed by the customer which connect to or control the reclaimed water which include but are not limited to the following:

  • back flow preventers
  • valves
  • fittings
  • pipes
  • sprinklers
  • etc.


Inspections without cause to believe that an ordinance or regulation is being violated shall be at reasonable times and shall not exceed a reasonable frequency. Inspections where there is a reasonable cause to believe that an ordinance or regulation is being violated shall be at such times and shall occur with such frequency as is necessary to establish that an ordinance or regulation is or is not being violated.

Customer Consent

Customers of the Reclaimed Water shall, by application, give prior written consent to enter upon the premises, and thereby waives any other written notice for such inspection. Failure of the city to obtain such a written waiver shall not affect the rights of the city.