Holiday Tips from PD

Holiday Shopping Safety Tips from the Cocoa Beach Police Department

The Cocoa Beach Police Department wants to make sure that everyone has a safe and happy holiday season.  While you are out shopping, so are the criminals—Will you be their Santa Claus?

Here are some basic shopping safety tips:

Keep all purses and bags zipped closed and worn close to the body, not dangling from the arm.  Wallets should be placed in the front packet.

Do not flash large amounts of cash when paying for merchandise. It is best to use a credit card when making purchases.  Should your card become compromised, your money is safe.

Carry only a minimum amount of credit cards at one time.

If using a debit card, keep the card close to your body so the card number cannot be photographed by a cell phone.

Always shop with a buddy. You are less of a target when you have someone with you.

Shop during the daylight hours whenever possible.

If you have to take a phone call or text message, don’t let your guard down and get distracted while shopping.  STAY VIGILANT to your surroundings.

Let someone know where you are going and what time you may be returning.

 If using a shopping cart, try to secure your purse or bags with the child locking system.

 Do not carry large amounts of merchandise at one time.

 Do not carry your social security card, birth certificate or pin numbers to your debit card in your wallet or purse.

 Speak with your children about a plan if you become separated while shopping.

 Make sure your car is in good working order and your cell phone is charged.

 Be aware of strangers approaching you for any reason.  During this time of the year, “con-artists” may try various methods of distracting you with the intention of taking your money or belongings.

 Have your keys ready to enter your vehicle.  Once you and your passengers are inside the car, lock your doors to prevent an unexpected “surprise” by someone opening the door and snatching your belongings.

 Lastly, when throwing out your holiday trash, be sure not to advertise what you got.  Tear down the boxes and place them in the trash can.

Have a safe and Happy Holiday!

Cocoa Beach Police Department

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