Rip Current sign

Message from Cocoa Beach Fire Department

The Cocoa Beach Fire Department and Brevard County Lifeguards have seen a rapid increase in calls for service due to rip currents this week, having made multiple rescues and assists in the last two days.
 The combined action of onshore winds, larger swells, and an aggressive tidal range are creating perfect conditions for dangerous rip currents to form on our local beaches. 
We urge all beachgoers to be aware of these conditions, and know how to lower their risk while enjoying our beautiful local beaches. 
By following just a few steps, you can be more aware with rip current safety.
1. Swim near a lifeguard. Not all beaches are guarded in the City, so pay close attention to posted signs at the beach access points.
2. Keep small children close by and accounted for at all times, especially in or near the water's edge. 
3. Be aware of the warning signs of rip current formation. Further Information here at:
4. If caught in a rip, Don't Panic. Calmly swim parallel to shore until the rip releases you. If you are unable to swim in, signal or call for help. Remaining calm is key.
5. If you witness someone else caught in a rip current, CALL 911.  There are professionals nearby that will move into action immediately with that call. Do not lose sight of the victim and follow the dispatcher's instructions. Rescue is best left to the professionals, please don't become a victim yourself!
Rip Current instructions in picture
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