Can I have a campfire on the beach?

A beach fire permit will be conditionally granted with payment of a fee and strict adherence to the regulations issued with the permit. Permits will be issued on the day of the requested fire only and shall depend on weather conditions determined by the Fire Department.

  • The permit fee shall be $30.
  • The following regulations shall govern approved conditions for campfire burn permits:
    1. No burn permits shall be issued from March 1 through October 31, turtle season, of each year.
    2. Beach fire permits for beach campfires shall be permitted only in the area between the north side of Minutemen Causeway and the northern boundary of the city.
    3. The permit shall be issued on the day of the request depending upon the weather conditions existing or anticipated. If the permit is revoked on site due to wind conditions only, the permit fee will be refunded. There shall be no refunds issued due to rain.
    4. Burn permit applicant(s) shall be 18 years of age or older and reside within Brevard County.
    5. Campfires shall be built no farther than 100 feet from a stub-end street or dune crossover and shall be at least 30 feet from any dune crossover or beach vegetation. No more than 1 beach campfire per stub end street shall be permitted.
    6. The beach campfire shall have a base not to exceed 3 feet in diameter and the flames shall not exceed 3 feet in height. The fire shall be located in and surrounded by beach sand only. Anything greater shall be considered a bonfire which is prohibited.
    7. The permit holder shall be present at all times on the site and shall have the permit available for inspection. The campfire shall not be left unattended. The campfire shall be fully extinguished (no burning, smoldering, smoking, hot embers, or debris) prior to midnight of the permit-issue day. All fire debris shall be removed to a disposal container and the site shall be restored to its natural condition.
    8. No flammable or combustible liquids shall be utilized to ignite the campfire. A commercially approved charcoal lighter fluid may be used

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