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City Clerk

  1. Agenda Item Request Form Cocoa Beach City Commission

    The Agenda Item Request Form is a form used to request that items be placed on the City of Cocoa Beach Commission Agenda.

  2. City of Cocoa Beach Speaker Card and Affidavit

    Purpose of the Card: - Proper Spelling of Speaker's Name - Provides for Contact Information for Follow-Up - Efficient Meeting... More…

  1. City of Cocoa Beach Application for Appointment to Boards and Committees

    Application to Serve on a City of Cocoa Beach Board and/or Committee

  2. Public Records Request

    Request for public records using electronic form. There is no requirement that a request be completed in writing per Chapter 119 of... More…


  1. Be Floridian Now Fertilizer Pledge

    Join the City of Cocoa Beach and Be Floridian Now to reduce fertilizer pollution to our waterways. Take the Fertilizer Pledge!

  2. Community Garden Questions

    Submit questions or request for additional information regarding the City of Cocoa Beach Pathos Community Garden

  1. Community Garden Application

    Application form for community garden raised bed at Ramp Road park.

  2. McNabb Park Living Shoreline Questions

    Submit questions or request for additional information regarding the City of Cocoa McNabb Park Living Shoreline.

Information Technology

  1. Website Feedback

    Please give us your feedback on our website.

Leisure Services

  1. Special Events Application

    The City of Cocoa Beach understands the benefits of holding Special Events in the City for our residents and guests. Please take the... More…

  1. Youth Basketball

    Pee Wee Youth Basketball 5-6 years old; Monday and Wednesday 3:45 to 4:30 pm Cost is $30.00 for Residents and $35.00 for Non... More…


  1. Bicycle Registration

    The bicycle registration program is a theft recovery program to help aid law enforcement officers in returning recovered property. ... More…

  2. Fishing Clinic Registration

    Sat, Nov 13 8:30am-10:30am OR 11am-1pm Cocoa Beach Aquatic Center Pavilion 4800 Tom Warriner Blvd This event is FREE to all... More…

  1. Employee Contact Information Update

    Employee Info Update

  2. Vacation House Check Request Form

    Vacation House Check Request Form

Water Reclamation and Stormwater

  1. Pollution Discharge Notification Form

    Pollution is anything that contributes to the impairment of our environment. When materials such as oils, solvents, paints, cleaners,... More…