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Affidavit for 2022 Cocoa Beach Parking Permit

  1. Example: Honda
  2. Example: Civic
  3. Example: 2015
  4. Example: FL 876FTG
  5. Vehicle Registration*
    Is this vehicle registration is current:
  6. Residential Rate:
    Resident Rate is $20 per calendar year. In order to receive the Resident rate, your address needs to be within city limits. The taxing district code 26H must appear on the property information online at the Brevard County Property Appraiser's office. Please see link below.
  7. Non-resident Rate
    Non-Resident rate is $75 per calendar year
  8. Convenience Fee
    There is a $3 convenience fee included in the online payment.
  9. If you have provided more than 1 address on this form please indicate to which address to mail the permit.
  10. Affidavit Statement*
  11. Important Information
    Permit is valid for all metered parking areas except Shepard Park. Permit does not extend 90 minute parking limits. Vehicle is subject to citation if the decal is not properly attached.
  12. Where to place your Parking Decal
    Parking decal must be affixed to the driver side rear bumper or the lower driver side rear window.
    The parking decal must be affixed to the driver side rear bumper or the driver side lower rear window.
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