How to apply for a permit

  1. Effective June 15, 2020, the Cocoa Beach Development Services Department will begin to accept applications for building permits and business tax receipts, as well as land use/rezoning and planning action applications online at the OpenGov Portal. Public Portal  Opens in new window

    Please note that there are many online resources to assist the applicant as they navigate the system. Just look for the “question mark” icon on the page that you are working on. If you continue to have issues submitting your application, you may contact Development Services at 321-868-3298 for assistance. 

Permit Requirements

Many property owners think that it is the contractor’s responsibility to make sure a building permit has been obtained. This is not true. The property owner is held responsible for obtaining the building permit.

The building code protects you and ensures that the completed work meets specific quality standards that will protect you, your property and your neighbors and their property.

If the code or building inspector finds work in progress without the required permit, the property owner is cited and not the contractor. for having work done without a permit.

The City of Cocoa Beach requires a building permit for the following reasons:

  • The State of Florida requires standards of construction for all properties in the State.
  • Construction projects involving exterior work also requires compliance with zoning regulations which include: property line setbacks, adherence to land use designations and clearance for utility infrastructure and right-of-ways, among other things, depending on the individual property.
  • Work must be done by licensed contractors and/or professionals with insurance coverage to protect you and your neighbors. Improperly completed work can result in damage to your property and that of your neighbors.

Common Construction Projects Which Require Building Permits

  • Air conditioning / heat system change outs
  • All Electrical work
  • Balcony restoration
  • Boathouses and boat lifts
  • Commercial floor plan alterations
  • Concrete slabs, patios and gazebos
  • Decks Demolition work of any kind
  • Docks - new, repair or replacement
  • Dredge and fill projects
  • Driveways and curb cuts
  • Facia work
  • Fences and fencing (new and replacements)
  • Fire alarms and sprinkler systems
  • Handrails - external (new and replacement)
  • Hurricane shutters
  • Wall Paneling/Drywall
  • Piers
  • Water Heaters

This list covers more common projects - but does not cover all activities that require permits. It is advisable to call the Building Department before starting your work if you are not certain if a permit is required. 

Remember: Reputable contractors know which jobs require permits in Cocoa Beach and they obtain the permits as required.

Processing Applications

When an application is made for a building permit, the city checks to make sure the contractor is properly licensed and that the work is done by a licensed professional with the required liability insurance. When the work is completed, a building inspector from the city then inspects the completed job to make sure it was done properly and complies with the city code. This protects you!

So when you consider having work done on your property, please call the city first at 321-868-3217 or email to find out if a permit is required and then make sure the contractor gets the building permit before work begins.

The building codes are meant to protect you by ensuring work meets defined quality standards. The building permit fee includes a review of the work plans by a professional building inspector employed by the city and in many cases, a field inspection of the work by the building inspector.

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