The primary mission of the Finance Department is to monitor and record all financial transactions of the city in the most efficient and effective manner.

Additional missions include:

  • Provide timely and accurate financial reports
  • Maintain proper controls over the collection and recording of revenues
  • Maintain secure custody of cash and investments
  • Provide budgetary control and long-range financial planning
  • Maintain inventory records on city property
  • Handle billings and collections of accounts receivable


  • Develops and coordinates the annual budget process
  • Prepares and issues the Annual Comprehensive  Financial Reports (ACFR)
  • Collects and processes city revenues
  • Maintains the fixed asset records system
  • Processes and disburses payroll
  • Oversees the Request For Proposals process for bids
  • Monitors, approves, and processes city purchases
  • Processes and disburses vendor payments
  • Issues parking permits and processes fines for parking meter violations
  • Bills and collects miscellaneous receipts
  • Collects franchise revenue and monitors franchise agreements
  • Processes sewer credits when appropriate; this policy is set by City Resolution Number 2018-21

In January 2022 The US Treasury issued the Final Rule. The provisions of the Final Rule are effective April 1, 2022. The information is available in the link.  Treasure Office SLFRF Final Rule

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