Water Reclamation

The City of Cocoa Beach Water Reclamation Facility (WRF)

The facility provides wastewater treatment service to approximately 4,400 customers. The service area encompasses the City, Port Canaveral, Patrick Air Force Base, South Family Housing, and the unincorporated areas north and south of the City.

In response to the United States Environmental Protection Agency's requirements to reduce nutrient loadings being discharged from the treatment plant to the Banana River, a water resource management plan was developed. Implementation of the plan to meet the USEPA requirements included treatment plant upgrades, treatment process conversion to advanced wastewater treatment (AWT), and a reclaimed water storage (ASR) well.

Reclaimed Water Distribution System

The Cocoa Beach WRF provides a low cost, reliable, and sustainable supply of reclaimed water for residential lawns, city green space and golf course turf irrigation. The reclaimed water distribution system is the primary method of effluent disposal. Greater than 90 % of the treated wastewater is used for irrigation.

ASR Well

When wastewater flows are greater than reclaimed water demand and storage tank capacity, the highly treated effluent is discharged to the Banana River Lagoon. As part of the recent facility upgrades, a reclaimed aquifer storage well (ASR) was constructed. The well will provide storage of excess reclaimed water, minimizing effluent discharge to the lagoon, and to augment the shortfall between supply and demand of reclaimed water during the dry season.

Tours of the facility can be provided to individuals and groups that would like to learn more about the wastewater treatment process.
Contact: Email or 321-868-3243 for more information about scheduling a tour.

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