Parking Information

NOTICE - April 2, 20202

Public parking remains closed until further notice. in an attempt to skirt the parking spaces being closed. for vehicles parked illegally, there is a new $500 citation in effect.  

NOTICE - MARCH 18, 2020

Beachside parks and beachside public parking areas in Cocoa Beach will be closed beginning March 19, 2020 until further notice in an attempt to contain the spread of COVID-19.  Please practice social distancing and remain at least 6 feet from others, when possible, and limit groups to 10 or less people.


Cocoa Beach provides convenient parking throughout the City. There are over 1,600 metered spaces that payment is accepted via Kiosks (Pay Stations) or Passport Parking Mobile App. Meters accept U.S. coins, debit cards, or credit cards.  Payment for parking needs to be completed upon arrival.

Passport is free to download and easy to use by following these simple steps:

  1. DOWNLOAD - Passport Parking app on your mobile device or visit Passport Site.
  2. ENTER the following: Zone Number, Plate or Space Number, and Length of Stay (if applicable)
  3. USE where you find a Passport SIGN or DECAL

The app allows you to:

  • Manage multiple vehicles
  • Get reminder notifications
  • Extend parking sessions from anywhere
Passport app instructions

Additionally, there are over seventy-five 90 minute limited parking spaces along A1A in the Downtown area.

Cost of Parking:

$2.50 an hour or $10 for the day (minimum payment $2.50) 

Shepard Park - $2.50 an hour or $15 a day (min. payment $2.50)

Fischer Park - $2.50 an hour or $15 a day (min. payment is $2.50)

Parking Garage - $2.50 an hour or $15 a day (min. payment is $2.50)

If you have a current Parking Permit this enables you to park in any metered area with the exception of Shepard Park. Your permit does not extend the 90 minute parking time limit in the Downtown area.


Photo of a Parking Permit

Please note time restrictions where posted to avoid being cited for parking over the time limit. 90 minute parking is enforced in all of the City's parking districts 7 days a week from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. 

Kiosk (Pay Station) parking is enforced 12 hours per day 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., 7 days a week, unless otherwise posted.

Yellow curbs indicate No Parking areas.

No Parking yellow sign

Places to park:

Click on the Sun illustration below to go to the interactive map for parking:

Parking Interactive Map

Alan Shepard Park - 216 E. Cocoa Beach Causeway - $2.50 an hour or $15 for the day - 323 spaces

Sidney Fischer - 2200 N Atlantic Avenue - $2.50 an hour or $15 for the day; 109 spaces

Parking Garage - 25 S. Orlando Avenue - $2.50 an hour or $15 for the day - 241 spaces including 2 electric vehicle charging spaces (1 handicap and 1 regular -ground floor)  Reminder: do not park in the handicap space unless you have a valid handicap permit.

City Hall Lot -
Monday - Friday 8 am to 5 pm City Hall Customer Parking Only. Free after 5 pm
Saturday, Sunday and City Holidays $2.50 an hour or $10 all day

North to South street end parking:
Harding Avenue - 9 spaces
Barlow Avenue  - 18 spaces
Young Avenue  - 6 spaces
Hendry Avenue  - 8 spaces
Meade Avenue  - 27 spaces, 1 handicap space
Pulsipher Avenue  - 37 spaces, 1 handicap space
Winslow Avenue  - 22 spaces
Leon Lane  - 22 spaces
Osceola Lane  - 19 spaces
Gadsden Lane  - 22 spaces
Columbia Lane  - 54 spaces, 1 handicap space
Hernando Avenue  - 44 spaces
Marion Lane  - 13 spaces
Palm Lane  - 31 spaces, 1 handicap space
Flagler Lane  - 21 spaces, 1 handicap space
Tulip Avenue  - 88 spaces, 2 handicap spaces
4th Street N  - 23 spaces
3rd Street N  - 10 spaces
2nd Street N  - 15 spaces
133 N Orlando Avenue  - 18 spaces
142 N Atlantic Avenue  - 20 spaces
1st Street N  - 15 spaces
22 N Orlando Avenue - 26 spaces
2 N Orlando Avenue (City Hall - available weekends and holidays)                                      30 spaces, 2 handicap spaces 

2 N Atlantic Avenue  - 109 spaces, 7 handicap spaces
1st Street S thru 15th Street S - from 8 to 18 spaces on each street

Follow the SUN to pay for parking!

Pay Station Sign