Special Events

There are two types of Special Events in the City of Cocoa Beach. First are events that are run by City personnel. Examples of these are the Fall into Winter 5K Run, Breakfast with Santa and the annual Easter Egg Hunt.

The other type are events held within the City by organized and sponsored outside parties. Examples of these would be the Easter Surf Contest and The Cocoa Beach Art Show.

Want in hold a Special Event in Cocoa Beach?

The City of Cocoa Beach celebrates special events for their contributions to cultural, community and economic growth. We are pleased you have selected Cocoa Beach as the site for your special event. Cocoa Beach strives to provide excellent customer service while facilitating your event needs. 

City Event Coordination staff oversee the outdoor special event permitting process. We serve as a resource to assist event organizers during event planning and will coordinate the collaborative involvement of City resources. Depending on the scope of your event, a number of City departments may be involved in the logistics necessary to produce a safe and successfully executed event. 

The Outdoor Special Event Permit Application will facilitate these requirements. The Special Event Resolution has been developed for you to use as a reference while you complete your application. The Resolution provides a review of the process and key information needed during the planning stages of your event. 

Application Process

  1. Review the Special Events Checklist found on the second page of the Special Events Application found on our Form Center. This checklist will help to ensure that you have all the documentation required for your special event. We have broken the list down for when items will be required by the City.
  2. Once you have gathered the required materials you can submit your Special Events Application Online via the Form Center. 

Please feel free to contact the City Event Coordination staff at 321-868-3252 or via email if you have any questions. It is our goal to work with event organizers to ensure safe and successful events are held in the City of Cocoa Beach. We hope you find these instructions helpful in completing your Outdoor Special Events Application and that your event is a great success!