Aquatic Center Rules & Regulations


Parents are responsible for ensuring their children know and comply with the rules. Failure to follow the rules may result in injury or death. 

No recreation activity or equipment is completely free of the possibility of harm - Use caution and obey the rules.

Entry Information
Weather Policy
Pool Regulations
Children’s Pool Rules
Splash Park rules
Slide Rules
Diving Board Rules
Lap Swimming Rules & Etiquette
Pool Closing Policy


  • Daily fees based on City residency and/or age (Adult, Child).
  • Memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable, and subject to revocation if misused.
  • Every Individual Entering the Aquatic Center must pay the daily entry fee and be prepared to show proof of residency or present his/her membership card.
  • Children under 10 will not be admitted into the pool unless accompanied by an adult (18 or older).
  • Individuals using the facility for programs must pay the daily fee if they use the facility before/after the program. This includes adults/guardians accompanying the program participant.
  • Infants and non-swimming children must be under the direct supervision of an adult (18 or older) at all times.
  • The Cocoa Beach Aquatic Center is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or broken items.

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As an outdoor facility, the weather will have an effect on aquatic center operations.

  • Rain: If there is a sustained rain event that causes the bottom of the pool to not be visible, the pool will need to be closed. If the bottom of the pool is not visible this is a safety hazard and liability as it reduces the ability for guests and staff to be able to see.
  • Lightning: Pool must be immediately closed if there is lightning is in the area and must remain closed for at least 30 minutes after the storm (lightning) has passed/ended. Lightning poses an obvious health and safety issue for guests and staff.
  • Severe Weather Watches/Warnings: The pool will be closed whenever its location is included within a National Weather Service issued Severe Weather “Watch” or “Warning” for tornado, hurricane, or flood. Again this is an obvious health, safety concern for staff and guests.
  • Cold: Outside of rentals of the facility, the pool will be closed for general use when the issued forecast for the daytime high does not exceed 60 degrees Fahrenheit
    During weather closings, Guest must exit the pool deck and take shelter in the locker rooms or leave the facility.
    Rain passes may be issued if the pool does not re-open or if the individuals wish to leave before the storm passes and have been at the facility for less than 1 hour.

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  • No food or drinks within 5 feet of pool edge
  • No glass or animals in pool area
  • Shower before swimming
  • Flotation Devices must be Coast Guard Approved
  • No horse play, chicken fights or standing /sitting on shoulders
  • Non-toilet trained children must wear a swim diaper. Regular diapers are prohibited
  • No smoking and no gum. Designated smoking area is located in the front of facility
  • No alcoholic beverages allowed
  • Children 10 and under must be supervised by an adult (18 years or older)
  • Breath holding and extended underwater swimming is prohibited

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  • No food or drinks within 5 feet of pool edge
  • No glass, alcoholic beverages or animals in the pool area
  • Shower before swimming
  • Flotation devices must be Coast Guard approved
  • Non-toilet trained children must wear a swim diaper. Regular diapers are prohibited
  • No smoking and no gum. Designated smoking area is located in the front of facility
  • Children must be supervised by an adult within arm’s reach
  • No jumping entries
  • Do not swallow the pool water

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  • No food; drinks or glass
  • Shower before entering
  • No running allowed
  • Adults must be accompanied by a child
  • Be courteous and respectful of others, take turns
  • Surfaces may be HOT, footwear is recommended
  • Don’t drink the water
  • Climbing on splash play equipment is prohibited
  • Hanging of clothes, towels on fence is prohibited

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  • Slide only feet first seated facing forward or on your back
  • Only one person at a time on the slide
  • Make sure the landing area in the pool is clear before sliding
  • Do not attempt to stop yourself in the slide
  • Do not climb on the platform equipment
  • Have fun, but not horse play
  • Slide at your own risk

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  • All swimmers 12 years of age or younger, must pass a swimming test to use the diving board
  • Only one person at a time on the board – no waiting on the ladder
  • Divers must wait until the diver in front of them has reached the side of the pool, ladder or is under the safety line before diving
  • One spring only from the board
  • Only Forward dives allowed – no inward dives permitted
  • No running on the board
  • No jumping off the side of the board
  • Divers may not adjust the diving board
  • No flotation devices, goggles, mask, fins or toys allowed on the diving board
  • Do not climb on the platform equipment
  • Have fun…but no horse play
  • Dive at your own risk.

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We encourage you to use the pool as a part of your fitness program. There are certain rules of lap swimming etiquette that we would appreciate all swimmers follow. These guidelines will enable you and all other lap swimmers to enjoy your visits to the Cocoa Beach Aquatic Center.

  • The lap lanes are for those trying to get into shape or for those trying to stay in shape; continuous swimming is encouraged.
  • Aquatic center staff strongly urges that lap swimmers share lanes when all lanes are occupied.
  • When entering an occupied lane, please let the swimmer know before you enter the water.
  • When there are 3 or more swimmers in a lane, please swim in a counter clockwise direction.
  • When passing a slower swimmer, please let that person know by tapping their foot. If you find that you are much faster/slower than the others in your lane, please move to another lane.
  • At all times BE AWARE of what is going on in your lane. If a swimmer behind you looks as though he/she may overtake you on the next lap, stop and wait at the wall. Let that swimmer pass before you continue swimming.
  • Please do not stop in the middle of a lane.
  • Please leave enough room at the wall for turns.
  • If you need to stop, squeeze into the left corner (as you are facing the wall) of the lane so that other swimmers have ample room for turns. Likewise, at the end of a set, move to the left so that other swimmers can swim into the wall.
  • Push off underwater to avoid making waves for oncoming swimmers.
  • Each lane will accommodate six (6) swimmers short course and ten (10) swimmers long course.

Please see the posted schedule for the number of lanes available.

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When someone defecates or vomits in either pool, Department of Health (DOH) regulations require that we must close the pool to prevent any Recreational Water Illnesses from being spread. Standards for the length of closure are published by the Center for Disease Control. Factors such as the condition (formed stool vs. diarrhea) of the incident and the chemical readings of the pool at the time of the incident determine how long the pool will need to be closed. The lifeguard on duty will inform the patrons of the situation and the estimated length of closure.

An EPA-approved chlorine and bromine sanitation device will not kill E-coli or any other bacteria instantly.

Please refer any questions concerning Rules & Regulations to the Aquatic Manager at 321-868-3327.
The staff appreciates your patronage and look forward to serving you at the Cocoa Beach Aquatic Center.

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