Current City Election

The next City election will be held on November 3, 2020.

2018 Election Results

General and City Election: November 6, 2018
Summary Results - Election Night Reporting
Seat 4, Commissioner 
- Tim Tumulty - 3,153 Votes (46.29%)
- Skip Williams - 3,659 (53.71%)

Seat 5, Commissioner 
- Loi McKinley - 2,466 Votes (38%)
- Mike Miller - 4,023 Votes (62%)

Cocoa Beach Building Height Charter Amendment 1: Yes 3,788 (53.47%); No 3,297 (46.53%)

Cocoa Beach Cleanup Charter Amendment 2: Yes 5,952 (85.47%); No 1,012 (14.53%)

2018 Election City Ballot

The terms of the following Cocoa Beach Commission Seats expire in November 2018:
Seat 4, Commissioner (currently filled by Vice-Mayor Williams) (Seat 4 Treasurer Reports)
Qualified Candidates for Seat 4:
- Tim Tumulty(Qualified 08-23-18) 13 Fairway Drive, Cocoa Beach, Fl.  32931, Tel (321) 698-9552, E-mail Tim Tumulty
- Skip Williams  (Bio) (PDF) (Qualified 08-20-18) 58 Westview Lane, Cocoa Beach, Fl.  32931, Tel (321) 783-1850, E-mail Skip Williams

Seat 5, Commissioner (currently filled by Commissioner Miller) (Seat 5 Treasurer Reports)
Qualified Candidates for Seat 5:
- Loi McKinley(Qualified 08-23-18) 731Java Road,Cocoa Beach, Fl.  32931,Tel (336) 470-4850, Email Loi McKinley
- Mike Miller(BIO) (PDF) (Qualified 08-22-18) 45 Country Club Road, Cocoa Beach, Fl.  32931, Tel (678) 467-9909, Email Mike Miller

BALLOT QUESTIONS (Brochure explaining ballot questions)
The City Commission approved the placement of the following ballot questions on the November 6, 2018 ballot:

Question 1
Shall the City Charter be amended to revise the Charter’s building height limit accommodations, adding a 10-foot allowance on the top of buildings for unoccupied building elements and attachments, and where applicable, specifying that the 45-foot Charter building height limit shall be measured from a parcel’s FEMA Base Flood Elevation or other legally required minimum elevation for construction of habitable space, rather than the crown of abutting road?
____ Yes____ No   (City Ordinance No.  1625)

Question 2
Shall the Cocoa Beach City Charter be amended to make certain technical, corrective and conforming changes to the Charter to correct scrivener's and grammatical errors, provide clarifying definitions relating to City boards, committees and departments, conform City budget procedures to current state law, and add clarifications to make the Charter easier to read and understand?
____ Yes____ No (City Ordinance No, 1626)