Beach Fire Permits

Rules for Obtaining a Beach Fire Permit

How to get a Beach Fire Permit?

  • Beach Fire Permits are issued until 5 pm the DAY OF the burn.
  • No permits are issues from March 1st through October 31st due to Sea Turtle Nesting Season.
  • The Beach Fire permit applicant must be at least 18 years old and be a current Brevard County resident - holding a current Driver's License or state issued I.D.
Log fire on the beach

Where to Obtain a Beach Fire Permit?

Burn Permits will be made available no earlier than NOON the DAY OF the permit and be open for purchase till 5 pm. You can now Purchase Burn Permits Online. How to purchase:

  • Create an Account or Login to your existing Account.
  • Go to Passes and Permits on RecDesk 
    • Choose Category: Burn Permits to narrow down options
    • You can use the Search Bar to find the street name or scroll through the list of locations
  • Use your receipt as a Proof of Permit.


Cost of a Beach Fire Permit

Beach Fire permits cost $30.00. 

Where can I have a Beach Fire?

  • Permits are issues for Minutemen Causeway North, no permits are issues for South of Minutemen Causeway.
  • Only One (1) permit will be issues per stub end street.
  • The City does not issue permits for Brevard County Parks -  Lori Wilson Park, Murkshe Park, etc.

How does the City decide if Beach Fire Permits will be issued?

Permits are not issued if:

  • Wind conditions are greater than 10 miles per hour.
  • When the State or County has issued a red flag warning.

Rules regarding the Beach Fire

  • The Beach Fire can be a maximum of 3' x 3' x 3'. Anything greater in size and height will be considered a bonfire which is prohibited.
  • Please protect our dunes and keep the fire away from dunes. Specifically at least 30 feet in any direction from the dune or any beach vegetation and 100 feet from the stub end street or boardwalk/ dune crossover.
  • You are limited to one (1) fire per permit.
  • The permit holder shall be present at all times on the site, and shall have the permit available for inspection.
  • The Beach Fire shall not be left unattended.
  • The Beach Fire shall be fully extinguished (no burning, smoldering, smoking, hot embers or debris) prior to midnight of the permit-issue day. All fire debris shall be removed to a disposal container and the site shall be restored to its natural condition.