Bicycle Registration

The bicycle registration program is a theft recovery program to help aid law enforcement officers in returning recovered property. By registering your bicycle with the police department you will have a record of ownership that will assist in identifying your bicycle. Bicycle registration is FREE for Cocoa Beach residents. After registration, we recommend you take a photo of yourself standing behind your bicycle for safekeeping and note the following information: serial number; make; model; other identification marks and after-market products.

To register your bicycle, please take the time to complete and submit the Bicycle Registration Form.

Never leave your  bicycle unattended without first securing it with a locking device. We know this sounds obvious, but most bike thefts are the result of an opportunistic thief simply in need of a ride from one location to another. Many of these bikes are recovered by the police department. However, many owners do not report the theft or were unable to provide police a make, model, and serial number that would assist us in identifying them as owner.

Ride safe and don’t be a victim!