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Posted on: March 13, 2023

Rip Currents and Beach Safety

Did you know Rip Currents

Rip Current Advisory - From the Cocoa Beach Fire Department

Rip Currents on the East Coast of Central Florida are very common and remain a normal part of everyday living for residents and visitors alike.  There is a strong respect for the power of nature that is shared among those who live here, especially on the beach and in the local surf environment in Cocoa Beach.
Recent developments from two hurricanes directly impacting the area, coupled with a very active deep Atlantic storm season have “supercharged” the local rip current-prone areas here in Cocoa Beach.  The typical low-sloping beach and dune line has been carved by storms into multiple shallow ridges connecting to deep overhead trenches just offshore.  The sandbars that usually dissipate wave energy have been wiped clear in many areas, and allow unbroken waves to expend much of their energy directly onto the shoreline when conditions permit.
Those that are unaware of the rip current environment can get into trouble quickly, and often without warning.  Waves and currents can knock you off your feet even in knee-deep water. Sets of waves stacked together can change the water depth by several feet in an instant, overwhelming your ability to stand or run to safety.

Over the next several months, the beaches should return to their pre-storm character of low-sloping dune lines and gentle surf here in Cocoa Beach.  Until then, be vigilant and rip current savvy.
When dealing with Rip Currents, prevention is the most important factor.  Know your environment before you go!  Tide changes throughout the day will largely affect how the ocean behaves in front of you.   

Stay aware, stay safe, and swim near a lifeguard!
Guarded beaches in Cocoa Beach:

-CB Pier
-Shepard Park
-Lori Wilson Park
-Minutemen Causeway

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