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Attention Cocoa Beach residents and business owners!

You may have contractors coming by your home or place of business who are soliciting you to hire them to do repair work on your property as a result of damage caused by Hurricane Matthew.  Please understand that if they are not a State Licensed Contractor, registered with the State of Florida, they are not permitted to do work in Cocoa Beach, and they will not be able to pull the needed City Building Permits which are needed to perform the work. 
Many rouge non-licensed contractors may tell you that the repair work needing to be done does not require a City Building Permit, and in most cases they are wrong, and should the property owner decide to hire this non-licensed contractor, the property owner will then be responsible for paying a Licensed Contractor to have any of this work done over again and corrected by a State Licensed Contractor.  Also, these rogue contractors may show you a Contractor’s license, which may be from another State, or it may even be a counterfeit Contractor’s License.  Also, the soliciting contractor may show you a legitimate State of Florida Contractor’s License, but they may not be licensed to do any work on roofs, even though they may say that they are.
To avoid this costly expense of hiring a non-licensed contractor, or a Florida Licensed Contractor who is not licensed to do the specific repair work needed, please click on the URL link below that best applies to your scenario to find out if the contractor who is soliciting you to do your repair work is appropriately licensed to do such work in the State of Florida and Cocoa Beach: - with this link you can check to see if a person (contractor) is actively licensed in the state of Florida.
In the case of Matthew, citizens will likely want to check this link to find out if the person soliciting them is specifically licensed to do roofing, general, structural, and mechanical repairs. - with this link you can check to see if a person (contractor) is actively licensed to do other types of work, such as fence or dock repairs, which does not require the same licensing requirements as is needed to do roofing, general, structural and mechanical repairs.
Or, if you simply cannot get the information you need from the two (2) links provided above, you can call the City of Cocoa Beach Development Services Department, Building Division at (321) 868-3298 to get this same information.  Due to the number of calls we receive, you may have to leave a voice message, and we will get back to you just as soon as we are available to do so.

Do not take a chance with a company walking off the street to work on your home. 

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