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Warning Scams

IMPORTANT: Information from State Attorney Phil Archer

There are two types of scams happening in our area. The first is a Tech Support scam. A false Tech Support message appears on your computer.  It puts a warning screen on your computer, claiming that if you do not call the support number,  your whole hard disk will be deleted in 5 minutes.  A warning audio tone is also played in the background, which again warns the user that their system is infected. There are variations of this scam that claim they are your Internet Service Provider or claim to be Microsoft, that you need an urgent update and to call in for the update or repair.  There is always a number to call, DO NOT CALL, because these scammers will try to put hundreds of dollars on your credit card. If you see this on your computer, ignore the message. DO NOT call the fake tech support number.
The second scam is a new IRS scam. You are sent a phony IRS CP 2000 Form that claims the income reported on your tax return does not match the income reported by your employer. FIRST and foremost, the IRS will NEVER initiate contact with you to collect overdue taxes by email, text message or phone call.  The scammers claim this under reporting has something to do with the Affordable Care Act to confuse the target more.  If you get any emails, text messages, mail or even phone calls about this, do not click on anything, do not open the attachments, do no reply, and if it is a phone call, hang up! If you receive a IRS  CP 2000 Form in the mail and doubt it is legit, you can always call the IRS at 1-800-366-4484 to confirm if it’s a scam.

Be tech safe!

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