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Mayor Dave

Commissioner's Corner:

Mayor Dave Netterstrom

The Glass Bank is gone and the Fire Station is done.  What’s next?  At the risk of being thrown out of office, I’ll share with you some thoughts.  Some you’ll like, some you’ll hate but the discussions are never boring in Cocoa Beach.
How about boat docks at Country Club?  We are a boating community and need a place to go.  “Honey, let’s boat over to the Club for dinner and meet our friends.”
Pension reform.  Defined benefit is out, Defined contribution is in.  Something fair to our employees and sustainable to the community.
New Police station and City Hall. Years overdue, no Taj Mahal, might need a slight tax increase but we’d still be a low tax bargain to the residents.
Banana River Park.  We know the Beach, what about the other side?  Maybe reconfigure a few holes at the golf course or make a deal with the hospital property on 520 to include a public area for wine, violin and sunsets.
Attract a first class resort.  Major private investment all new and refreshing.  Perhaps at the International Palms site.  We’ll keep the current public walkway through the resort – public.
As an incentive, if a developer were to buy the International Palms and the Glass Bank, could we allow the 80’ height grandfathered on the GB property to transfer over to the IP property?  One time deal only, wouldn’t change the character of Cocoa Beach, would stir economic activity and I suspect the GB property could be donated to the City.
Speaking of height.  Cocoa Beach has stunning views from high up.  We should have some sort of viewing platform.  2% chance of happening but can’t I have fun?
The Beach walk idea is dead, but I’d still like a showcase project that fits our community and image and could qualify for bed tax funding and other state grants.  A municipal pier – different from the Cocoa Beach Pier, possibly at Lori Wilson.  Designed to be the world’s first Surfing pavilion.  Wave enhancing features, viewing areas, bathrooms, changing rooms, safety features, dune and turtle friendly and everything needed to host world class surfing events.
I still do think about slogans.  With all the snow up north, “It’s always a little warmer in Cocoa Beach” came to mind.
 I Dream of Jeannie and invite Barbara Eden to come visit Cocoa Beach. We’ll throw a major reception, welcome some famous astronauts and dedicate a statue to her.  Who knows, maybe a couple of billionaires that own their own rocket companies will show up.
Thanks for reading.  I’ll probably disappear for a while.  Let me know when things calm down and it’s safe for me to come out of hiding.
Mayor Dave


Finance Award

City Wins GFOA Award

The Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada (GFOA) is pleased to announce the City of Cocoa Beach has received the GFOA’s Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for its budget. The award represents a significant achievement by the City’s Finance department and specifically, Charles Holland, Paula Teixeira, and Eileen Clark. It reflects the commitment of the City and staff to meeting the highest principles of governmental budgeting. In order to receive the award the City had to satisfy nationally recognized guidelines for effective budget presentation.
Congratulations to Charles, Paula, and Eileen! (Left to

right, Eileen Clark, Charles Holland, Paula Teixerira. )

Bright House Changes Channel

Bright House Network has changed the government channel from 199 to 497, effective March 2, 2015. City Commission and all broadcast city meetings will now appear on Bright House channel 497.

Mayor Dave

State of the City

Mayor Dave Netterstrom presents the State of the City to Cocoa Beach citizens.


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