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Vice Mayor Woulas

Commissioner's Corner: Vice Mayor Karalyn Woulas

Hello Everyone! 
I just wanted to take this time to reflect on all that has occurred in the past few weeks in dealing with the storm and the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.  First of all, I want to express my deepest gratitude to our own First Responders, our very own Cocoa Beach Police Department and the Cocoa Beach Fire Department.  They were on duty continuously, 24 hours each day throughout the hurricane to be ready to serve our City at a moment’s notice. In addition, we had staff from Water Reclamation and Public Works making sure our sewer plant was responding properly.  This required them to be away from their own families during the storm as they selflessly put the needs of our City before those of their own.  THANK YOU!
I also want to thank our Mayor, Mr. Ben Malik, along with our City Manager, Mr. Jim McKnight, for staying up in the fire station and managing our COC during the storm, away from their own families, along with the First Responders, to fearlessly lead us through these hectic times as the storm was approaching, and then as it passed, and then afterwards with the recovery period.  THANK YOU!
Also, I would like to address our City Staff.  It is admirable how you all have dealt with the resultant working conditions brought on by the destruction of this storm.  To have our Police Station and City Hall damaged so severely to cause most of you to have to abandon your offices and migrate to less convenient and comfortable work stations in order to serve us.  You came together to make this happen seamlessly, without complaint, and with gratitude and content that one another were safe after the storm.  THANK YOU!
A big thank you to all the linemen, utility workers, and everyone involved in restoring our utilities to our homes and businesses to provide us with the lifestyles that we are so use to having that center around the basics of electricity and water.  In many cases you have risked your lives by putting yourselves in dangerous situations and sometimes being far away from your own homes and families in order to help us regain our own lives.  And to our businesses that donated their time and resources to feed these workers and our First Responders… THANK YOU!!
And now to the citizens of our wonderful City of Cocoa Beach, I want to tell you how proud I am to be a part of this community.  You all united together to not only take care of their own, but to take care of each other…friends, family, neighbors, strangers, and whoever was in need of survival from this storm.  It was a time when everyone, no matter what their differences were or how busy they were, dropped what they were doing to help each other.  It was so apparent how much each citizen of our community demonstrated genuine care and concern for one another during this time of emergency.  You all stepped up and made things happen, even if it wasn’t your own.  It is an honor to have the opportunity to serve you all being such remarkable individuals, the Citizens of Cocoa Beach, who have clearly and limitlessly demonstrated that no matter what, “We all have each others’ backs”.  There is something to be said for being “Mayberry By the Sea”!   THANK YOU!

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