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The Cocoa Beach Fire Department and Brevard County Ocean Rescue would like to remind beach visitors to:
1.  Swim near a Lifeguard!
     They are always willing to help, and answer any questions you may have.  Feel free to ask specifically about any hazards that may be present.  Prevention is key! Follow the link to and look for your next guarded Cocoa Beach visit!
2.  Be Rip Current Aware! 
     Signs are posted at every beach access in the City with simple information and a basic diagram of what to watch for. Get smarter today and follow the link to 
We would strongly encourage you to further explore the web for information and videos to gain deeper knowledge on the subject of Rip Currents.
3.  Be a Beach Buddy! 

  • Be aware of family members and keep them close, especially small children, when you are in or near the surf environment.  
  •  Give friendly guidance to others that may not be aware of possible dangers. They often appreciate the advice. 
  • If someone is struggling or needs help, immediately call 911 and send another bystander for assistance to the nearest lifeguard stand if available. Do not lose sight of the victim if at all possible.
4. Don't be a Victim yourself!
    It happens all to often that a rescue attempt by untrained beachgoers results in injuries, or much worse,  that could be prevented with a little bit of knowledge.  A calm demeanor and situational awareness can be the key to survival. Here are a few points to consider in an emergency:
  • -Communicate by calling 911,  and then let the victim know that help is coming to possibly prevent them from entering into a panic. 
  • -Observe by keeping eyes on the victim. Be aware of your location on the beach and any drift or movement of the victim in the water.  If the victim disappears, note your location and share it with 911 dispatch or emergency responders when they arrive.
  • Assist by throwing a victim a flotation device, surfboard, rope, or any improvised item they may grab on to that could help them to stay afloat or get pulled back to shore.
  • Don't go into the water and swim after a victim!  The same conditions that took the first victim could make you the next one! If you absolutely must enter the water to get a better throw or reach with a flotation device, then stay in water below your knees. Be aware that crashing waves can stack up and literally put you in "Over Your Head" and strong currents can "Sweep You Off Your Feet"!
 To Summarize:
  • Swim near a Lifeguard
  • Be Rip Current Aware
  • Be A Beach Buddy
  • Don’t be a Victim Yourself

Should you have any questions please contact your local Lifeguard or the Cocoa Beach Fire Department 321-868-3330.

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