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Special Events Application


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Special Events Check List
  • Step One

    1. Special Events Application
      The City of Cocoa Beach understands the benefits of holding Special Events in the City for our residents and guests. Please take the time to fill out the Special Events Application completely before submitting it. All Special Events applications are reviewed by City Staff. After all documents are turned in a Special Events Committee Meeting is scheduled with the event promoter and City Staff to facilitate the event. The attached check list will assist you in filling out the application and helping you to be sure you have all necessary documents prior to the Special Events Committee meeting.
    2. Event Information
    3. Will Alcohol be Served?
    4. Music
    5. Will there be Temporary Structures?
    6. Temporary Structures to be used
      Choose all that apply
    7. Special Effects
    8. Food Trucks
    9. Schedule of Events per day, Parking Plan, Site Plan, Sanitation Plan, and a Dune Protection Plan if located event is location adjacent to or on the beach.
    10. Documents Needed for Special Events Meeting
      *City determines security number - Police and Fire.
    11. Agreement*